Globalworth Campus
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    Pro Tip

    Do you wish to make visits easier for your guests? Send them an invitation from the Proxyclick app! They will receive a QR code that will provide them with easy access to Campus.

    Entrance for guests

    Your guests can get into the building through the main entrance. They should approach the reception desk, where they will use Proxyclick app to check in.

    Remember to inform your guests about revealing the purpose of their visit at the reception desk and about the need to receive a temporary access card.

    Announcing your guests

    When your guest checks in via the Proxyclick app, you receive a notification. Through the app, you will be able to let the reception know what to do. For example, that you will go down in 5 minutes to meet the guest or that the guest should be let in.

    Underground parking

    If you are renting spaces in the underground parking for guests, they have to use lifts dedicated to them that will take them to the reception area, where they can check in using Proxyclick app.


    If necessary, the building security will ask you and your guests to show their access cards. People who cannot prove the reasons why they are staying in the building or common areas may be asked to leave.